Objectives of the Federation

  1. Acquire licenses. To assist members to comply with the necessary requirements in the process of acquiring licenses for Private Healthcare Facilities.

  2. Gather healthcare industry views. To gather the views on the intended regulation from the private healthcare industry.
  3. Communicate with stakeholders and regulator. To reflect the views of the private healthcare industry to the relevant parties, stakeholders and the government. 
  4. Advise on private practice standards. To set a standard for the practice of clinical medicine in the private sector.
  5. Accredit standards. To accredit the members in the level of standard attained in the provision of care.
  6. Educate on ways to improve. To advise members on the continuous quality improvement process in the delivery of healthcare.
  7. Help with patient complaints. To assist members in dealing with complaints from patients.
  8. Advise on medical protection. To advise members in obtaining appropriate medical and professional indemnity for their healthcare centers.