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The FPHC is a voluntary association of private healthcare centres in Hong Kong.

All Private Healthcare Facilities (PHFs) subject to Cap. 633 regulation are welcome to join. This includes hospitals, day procedure centres, clinics, and health services establishments.

The FPHC consists solely of institutional members: each PHF nominates its own representative to engage in our events on its behalf.

Each application requires one and only one corresponding PHF licence application/issuance, such that each member shall represent one PHF within the FPHC. Membership confers various rights and responsibilities including the right to vote in, or stand for, elections for the FPHC Council.

Types of Membership

The FPHC accepts PHFs as members in their institutional capacities only, and does not accept any individuals as members.

The FPHC accepts membership applications from “small practice clinics” (defined as a registered medical practitioner/dentist who is the only person serving a clinic with exclusive rights to use the premise; or a partnership with not more than 5 partners/a company with not more than 5 directors, all of whom being registered medical practitioners/dentists who are the only people serving a clinic with exclusive rights to use the premises. For more information, see section 41 of the PHF Ordinance).

Provisional FPHC membership

  • granted to applicants who have yet to apply for the healthcare facility license from the Department of Health, or
  • applicants who have yet to appoint a Chief Medical Executive (CME)

Full FPHC membership

  • granted to applicants who provide details of their appointed CME and/or representatives at the time of application

No restriction applies over the number of memberships held under the same holding company. At most three members under the same holding company may execute their voting rights in the FPHC.

If a fourth or more membership application(s) under the same holding company is/are received, the FPHC shall ask all members under the same holding company to allocate voting rights among themselves. Re-allocation of voting rights is allowed at most once every calendar year.

Rights and responsibility

  • Once the law* is enacted, the CME must be provided on the second year of the membership, otherwise the Council would reserve the right to terminate the membership.
    (*Referring to the end of the Transitional Period or Specified Period, as stipulated in Clause 137. Expiry of Division 4, in the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance: (1) This Division expires on a day to be appointed by the Secretary by notice published in the Gazette. (2) The day to be appointed by the Secretary must be at least 1 year after the day on which the notice is published.)
  • A one-time registration fee of HK$3000 is payable to each member, regardless of type of membership, which should be paid together with an annual membership fee of HK$2000 once an application is submitted. The one-time registration fee includes a non-refundable application processing fee of HK$500 which is charged regardless of the results of your application.

Approval process

Complete and submit with payment

Application to be reviewed by Council

Receive official notice of membership approval


FPHC membership applications are reviewed by the Council Secretary and approved by Council Members. For further inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].