Policy and Procedure Templates

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To fulfil the requirement of Day Procedure Centre (DPC) or Clinic Licence, each facility should document their own policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines according to the Code of Pracitce.

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What we can support our members:

List of suggested Policies and Procedures for DPC

⁃ Highlight the major policies and procedures under the Code of Practice

List of supporting documents for DPC

– Help you identify which documents are essential for your own preparation

Sample scheme and example statements

– Demonstrate how to present selective major policies and procedures in a local typical DPC setting

Major polices & procedures

They are identified under the Code of Practice of DPC. But due to the services provided by DPCs vary from each other, we will provide the sample scheme and example statements of those most-commonly-used major policies & procedures to our Federation members

  1. Medical management policies and procedures
  2. Staff training and credentialing policies and procedures
  3. Procedure Scope Policy
  1. Patient’s rights policies and procedures
  2. Patient identification policies and procedures
  3. Medical records polices and procedures
  4. Medicine management policies and procedures
  5. Safe provision of operations/procedures and anaesthesia policies and procedures
  6. Safe provisions of radiotherapy policies and procedures
  7. Water quality testing at haemodialysis machines and water treatment systems policies and procedures
  8. Regular disinfection of water treatment and distribution systems, haemodialysis machines and equipment policies and procedures
  9. Services quality review policies and procedures
  10. Safe conduct in patient care policies and procedures
  11. Incident and adverse event management policy and procedure
  12. Complaint handling policies and procedures
  1. Infection control policies and procedures
  2. Injection safety, sharps handling and disposal, and post-exposure management policies and procedures
  3. Disposable equipment policies and procedures
  4. Clinical and chemical waste policies and procedures
  1. Risk Management Policy
  2. Incident and Adverse Event Management Policy and Procedure
  3. Reportable Events Policies and Procedures
  4. Emergency Response Policies and Procedures
  5. Resuscitation Policies and Procedures
  6. Emergency Transfer Policy and Procedure
  7. Fire and Emergency Response Plan and Evacuation Procedures
  1. Facility Management Policies and Procedures

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